Floating Down the River Kwai

  It was time to leave Kanchanaburi, and honestly, we were not sad. Elated actually. It was our time to relax at a beautiful, unique resort. And we were ready. (Because this trip has been soooo stressful!) 🙂 Once again, we sat on the bus headed toward Hellfire Pass, but this time we had to … Continue reading Floating Down the River Kwai

Experiencing the Town of “The Bridge Over the River Kwai”

Off to Kanchanaburi (Kan-San-Ah-Buri). And so begins our worst travel day of the trip. It was a sad day leaving Koh Samui. We debated taking the hit and cancelling our future reservations to stay on the island, but wasn't actually an option, more a dream. Our morning begins with an alarm going off at 5:40am … Continue reading Experiencing the Town of “The Bridge Over the River Kwai”

The Remote Island on the Other Side of the World

  Wrapping up our time in northern Thailand with a fun evening at the night market full of street food and more trinkets, we jetted south to the island of Samui. We had experienced the touristy, party isle of Phi Phi, and were excited to explore a calmer, serene island. After staring at a map … Continue reading The Remote Island on the Other Side of the World

Cooking Curry in Chiang Mai

The past couple days have been an absolute blast with Chase’s mom, dad, and sis. Between the bottomless (and absolutely amazing) breakfasts, attempting to speak Thai, drinks at the night market, and indulging in street food, we have packed in a lot in the time we have all been together here in Thailand. The night … Continue reading Cooking Curry in Chiang Mai

Thailand Part Two—Chiang Mai and the Grand Canyon

Back to Thailand! After checking out southern Thailand--Phuket, Phi Phi Island, and Nai Yang--and loving it, we were so excited for more pad Thai, green curry, amazing fruit smoothies, honestly all of the cheap street food in general. (Yes, this trip has revolved around food). But, even more exciting was the promise of elephants, massive … Continue reading Thailand Part Two—Chiang Mai and the Grand Canyon

Luang Prabang’s Hidden Gem

Once we were settled back in Luang Prabang--staying at the same hotel as before, the Apple 2 Guesthouse--we decided we had more to explore, and opted against the three day slow boat ride to Chiang Mai. This may have had something to do with the alarm going off at 6:00am, and wanting to stay in … Continue reading Luang Prabang’s Hidden Gem

A Quick Trip to Vang Vieng

After spending a couple relaxing days in Luang Prabang, we booked an early morning mini bus to the town of Vang Vieng for a quick 48 hour trip. The alarm went off at 5:45am, and we hopped in an empty van with only one other guy. After driving for only 15 minutes, we were transferred … Continue reading A Quick Trip to Vang Vieng

The Aquamarine Kuang Si Waterfalls

If you've ever Google searched Luang Prabang, Laos, you most likely saw the picturesque emerald lagoons of Kuang Si Waterfalls. Naturally, this trip was high on our to do list. After spending a day checking out the town (which doesn't take too long, it is teensie), we set the alarm for 8am (that was later … Continue reading The Aquamarine Kuang Si Waterfalls

The Vibrant Cat Ba Island

After docking in Ha Long Bay City, we didn't want to head back to Hanoi yet, and booked a hostel on Cat Ba Island. According to Google, the ferry ride is about an hour long. So, we hopped in a taxi to get to the ferry port. He had a different agenda, however. He dropped … Continue reading The Vibrant Cat Ba Island

Cruising Through Ha Long Bay

Ha Long means “Descending Dragon” in Vietnamese. The famously picturesque bay was named after the Vietnamese tale of the dragon descending from the heavens to save Vietnam from the Chinese during the war. According to the tale, the dragons descended down and incinerated the enemy with fire and emeralds. The emeralds scattered, creating the islands … Continue reading Cruising Through Ha Long Bay