Hanoi, the City of Pho(od)

  After going, going, going for the past couple weeks, we decided to lounge in Hanoi, and plan out our upcoming trips. Long story short, we didn't do a whole lot in Hanoi. We ate, did a cooking class, toured the Hanoi Hilton Prison and the Women's Museum, and checked out the Old Quarter where … Continue reading Hanoi, the City of Pho(od)

The Vibrant Cat Ba Island

After docking in Ha Long Bay City, we didn't want to head back to Hanoi yet, and booked a hostel on Cat Ba Island. According to Google, the ferry ride is about an hour long. So, we hopped in a taxi to get to the ferry port. He had a different agenda, however. He dropped … Continue reading The Vibrant Cat Ba Island

Cruising Through Ha Long Bay

Ha Long means “Descending Dragon” in Vietnamese. The famously picturesque bay was named after the Vietnamese tale of the dragon descending from the heavens to save Vietnam from the Chinese during the war. According to the tale, the dragons descended down and incinerated the enemy with fire and emeralds. The emeralds scattered, creating the islands … Continue reading Cruising Through Ha Long Bay

Our First Train Experience

In an attempt to leave Phong Nha and head up north to Ha Long Bay, we ended up bed hopping, staying in four different places over five nights. We left Phong Nha for a quick night in Dong Hoi before an early morning train ride, where we stayed at the Sunshine Hotel. The woman who … Continue reading Our First Train Experience

Riding Water Buffalo, Tossing Ducks, and Rolling in Mud

Phong Nha Ke Bang has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We took a personal day, aka a day off from tromping through the caves, and rented bicycles from the Easy Tiger Hostel to check out the surrounding village. The road winds through small villages full of working men, women, and … Continue reading Riding Water Buffalo, Tossing Ducks, and Rolling in Mud

Dong Hoi: Food, Honking, and Motorbikes

The Buffalo Hostel was our favorite we’ve stayed in thus far, however, there is one caveat. It is so, so loud. We stayed a total of four nights, and were pretty happy to leave. While our room was located in the perfect spot (or so we thought) facing the ocean, it was also facing a … Continue reading Dong Hoi: Food, Honking, and Motorbikes

Exploring Ho Chi Minh Via Cruise

Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh, is a vastly spread out city that hugs the river. So, what better way to see the city lit up than a dinner cruise at night?!  We decided upon the Bonsai Dinner Cruise, based on the ratings, how delicious the grub looked (buffet style), and the live music. Backtracking a … Continue reading Exploring Ho Chi Minh Via Cruise