Floating Down the River Kwai


It was time to leave Kanchanaburi, and honestly, we were not sad. Elated actually. It was our time to relax at a beautiful, unique resort. And we were ready. (Because this trip has been soooo stressful!) 🙂

Once again, we sat on the bus headed toward Hellfire Pass, but this time we had to jump off early. We had a rough estimate on when to get off, and timed it pretty well. We only had 2km to walk. But time drags in the intense jungle heat with backpacks. Lucky for us, a woman passed us–probably saw us sweating–turned around, and dropped us off at our hotel, the Boutique Raft Resort.

The hotel is smack dab in the middle of lush trees, colorful plants, and best of all, right on the River Kwai. Let me tell you, this is the coolest place I have ever stayed. Our room was essentially a mini floating house. You walk in, and are immediately greeted with the view of our floating deck on the river. Made up of dark wood, (even the bathroom floor was wood!) the hut had a unique rustic flavor. Unsurprisingly, we spent the vast majority of our time on our lounge chairs on our deck. Or the bamboo floaty that was attached to our deck just inches off the water.

While the place itself was relaxing and serene, the river itself was a different story. The current is so, so fast. The moment you jump in off the deck, you have to immediately pop up in search for the bamboo raft to hold onto. From diving in to holding on, you travel about five or so meters. This was quite the shock the first time we jumped in…

The view was stunning. Not only did the history embedded in the area instill a sense of awe, but the rushing river, green jungle, and rickety bridge about 100 meters upstream created an amazing picture.

The first night we watched a group of local kids jump off the bridge into the water. So naturally, we had to test it out. But let me open with this… The bridge is the sketchiest bridge, probably to ever exist. It is not flat, but actually goes to a small peak in the middle of the bridge. The wood planks making up the bottom is essentially eroded away. There are some gaps of a couple feet missing. And, every step we took we wondered if this was the straw that would break the camel’s (bridge’s) back.

But, the bridge didn’t give way. Jumping in was a blast, quickly met with swimming fervently in order to make it to our deck before the current took us too far downstream. After a couple more jumps, we sought out a longer, more peaceful, float. We walked upstream for a bit, and were pushed along with the current in one of the most amazing and relaxing floats. Match this with being on the historic River Kwai, and I’d have to say this was a hard to beat day.

The mini trip within our overarching travels has burned an unforgettable memory in my mind. We left the following morning with smiles baked on faces.

However, we didn’t know the wretched travel day that lay ahead. We were off to Rayong, a beach town a (presumably) two hours outside of Bangkok. Stay tuned!