The Island I Never Wanted to Leave—Koh Samui

The rest of our time spent on Koh Samui was spent checking out the nooks and crannies of the island. We left the Peace Resort to an Airbnb condo in Bangrak at the Bay Condominiums. We were thankful that we later rented a motorbike, because the road was about a quarter mile straight uphill. I mean straight up.

After scoping our new pad–kitchen, massive balcony and all–we made our way to Chaweng Beach for some food. You got it, Mexican food, and had ourselves a mini fiesta at Gringos Cantina1. In between sips of margaritas, we chowed bean dip, enchiladas, and burritos, then wandered through the beach town of Chaweng. While it is pretty touristy with Western bars and massage parlors every two steps, the beach itself was beautiful (other than the million of people all over it), with white sand and blue water. When it was time to head home, we rented a motorbike–later named Pink Flame by us due to her shiny, hot pink color–and scooted home.

One of the best parts of our new digs was the location. Not only were we tucked up on a hillside looking out over the island and sparkling bays, and Big Buddha, but we were in walking distance to the Bangrak Market. This was a small outdoor market where the locals shopped for their meat, produce, herbs, spices, you name it. Since we had a kitchen, we invented a whopping 200 baht in fresh veggies, eggs, and another 300 on meat, noodles, and sauces. The total came out to about $15.00 for breakfast and dinner food. It was fun shopping around the market alongside the locals, too.

With so many picturesque beaches, we made it our mission to visit a new one each day. The next morning we made a fresh omelet, and puttered down to Lamai Beach, and posted up on the white sand until dinner time. The beach was a lot more serene, with less people, and more clouds to block the intense sun.

That night, we made a delicious meal of shrimp, veggies, and rice noodles in a honey, ginger, soy sauce, and made our way to a groovy bar called Samui Sunset Garden to watch some soccer. This was our favorite bar ever. We couldn’t find one single thing that they could do better. It is located right on the beach, with a hut style restaurant to sit in and stare at the crashing waves, a big TV for the game, decently priced Leo beers, comfortable pillow seats, and a fun crew working the bar. We made our way back here a couple more times…

And, in honor of the World Cup, we stumbled upon foot golf. It is exactly as it sounds, too. You literally play 18 holes of golf with a soccer ball, and each hole is designed after a famous player. Chase took the gold on this game… but great fun.

Anyway, the rest of our trip was spent in awe of how amazing the island is, lounging at the breathtaking (and my favorite) Choeng Mon beach, and talking about how much we want to live in Samui. We found ourselves repeatedly saying how awesome it was that we were motorbiking through various villages, and learning about the island in a far less touristy way than usual. We were experiencing it on our own, and honestly, we will be back.

It was a sad day when we had to leave, but our next stop on the journey is Kanchanaburi, home of the River Kwai!