The Remote Island on the Other Side of the World


Wrapping up our time in northern Thailand with a fun evening at the night market full of street food and more trinkets, we jetted south to the island of Samui. We had experienced the touristy, party isle of Phi Phi, and were excited to explore a calmer, serene island. After staring at a map of where Koh Samui lies, it makes sense that travelers rarely visit. It is located on the far eastern side of the province of Phuket, smack dab in the middle of the gulf. In other words, this island is remote!

Anyway, as per usual with islands, our landing appeared to be on water, and solid ground snuck in at the last moment (I’m not the best with takeoff or landings). The airport is small, yet gorgeous. It resembles Hawaii, lined with small koi ponds, lush lily pads, and palm trees. We had a quick trip to our hotel, the Peace Resort, and immediately knew we were going to love this place. It embraces the warm weather with outdoor (but covered) reception areas, walkways, dining, and best of all, each room is individually wrapped in small bungalow. They are like having your own mini home in the jungle! But, no bugs, other than the occasional snail stuck on the house, or snake slithering below the deck.

We spent the majority of our time relaxing by the pool, taking dips in the salty, warm ocean, reading, and gorging ourselves at the breakfast buffet. Located a hop and a skip away from Fisherman’s Village, we walked down the beach for dinner, faced with the difficult task (dramatic, I know) of choosing which place looks best out of all the adorable, beach front restaurants that all emanated a different vibe. Some were fancy with white table cloth, some were trendy with bars with swings instead of seats and unique, fun island cocktails, some intimate and cozy with massive pillows on the beach to lay on while you sip your beer. Needless to say, the village has a little bit of everything.

Since it is the rainy season, it has rained every single day, but not in an intrusive way. We are still able to go swimming, walk down the beach, and enjoy the island. One sunny morning, we hopped on some jet skis and rode around the bay on the glassy, aquamarine waters. About halfway into our ride though, the sky turned dark and the water turned rough.This didn’t us from having a great time, smiles from ear to ear, or stop Chase from tossing me off the jet ski, however…

That night, we found the world’s best night market, the Friday Night Walking Market; we have been to a lot of markets, so this is saying a lot. While they sold a lot of the same material, elephant pants, jewelry, bags, etc., they seemed to have higher quality goods, plus music and amazing food. We each spent about $4, and were able to stuff ourselves with various meals. I chowed down a couple chicken skewers, some pad thai, some of the best gyro I’ve ever had, I can’t even remember everything I ate. And like I said, for probably less than $4. We then proceeded to cheers our beers as we walked through the many stalls full of items we never knew we wanted. Even the rain held off for us!

No matter where you go on Koh Samui, the island has a magical feel to it, probably because there are so little tourists compared to the majority of places we have visited. Regardless, it is actual paradise. Each evening during happy hour, one of us would say, “Could this view be any more beautiful?” The answer is no.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Chase’s family had to head back to the States. It was quite the amazing experience, meeting familiar faces on the other side of the world, and sharing the experiences with them.

Now, Chase and I are off to explore a different side of the island. Stay tuned!