Nai Yang



We have been in the town of Nai Yang for a couple days, and it is our favorite spot on the trip thus far. Instead of tourists and a party vibe, the town is peaceful, almost sleepy, but off the charts beautiful. The white sand beaches are complimented by a sprawling blue ocean bay, and is not nearly as stiflingly hot. Right by the beach there are a couple hotels, a strip of 5-10 restaurants, and a traveling market of food, smoothies, clothing. We opted to stay away from the beach, so have been getting our steps in. We’re guessing about 30k – 35k a day.

Our hotel is called the Happy Place. It is literally our happy place. It is a full-sized condo, with a fantastic pool for our post-sweaty walks, and laundry (SO needed). But, as I mentioned, is a bit far from town. Meaning, we’ve nailed down the route. Our daily routine is to walk the 20 minutes to town to breakfast and eat at Peony’s–I haven’t strayed from the poached eggs with toast–and we walk back to the hotel, walk into town for lunch at the market and get pad Thai, fried rice, and a chicken skewer from a cart, and go read and play at the beach to pass the time until dinner. We’ve made the mistake of walking to and from the village three times a day…

Since it is such a quiet town, there isn’t a whole lot to do other than chill, which is exactly what we were looking for. We’ve spent our time here eating, swimming, and planning the rest of our trip through Cambodia, Vietnam, Los, and back to Thailand.

We did rent kayaks and paddled out to a small oasis off the tip of the bay, and I swear the water was calmer than a lake. It was very peaceful. I may have overestimated my tan though, and gotten pretty burnt on the water… On the way back to the shore, the low water level created waves that we rode to the beach. Wild! Jk, they were little rollers, but still fun.

Our dinner place is Mamma Nang’s. I’m positive that Mamma Nang can cook the best Thai food in the world. And, you can’t ask for a better backdrop. The restaurant is on the beach, so we’re eating with our toes in the sand while the sun drops.

Two more nights in Thailand, then we’re jetting off too Siem Reap, Cambodia!