The world’s biggest water fight. We heard that we were going to be in Phi Phi for Songkran, but weren’t too sure what to expect, or really knew what it is. It is the Thai New Year, where everyone from moms, grandfathers, travelers, to little babies, gather in the streets and participates in a giant water fight.

The festivities began early in the morning—we were blasted with water guns on our short walk to breakfast, and were soaking at Charlie’s—so, we bought some water guns on the street walking home to prepare. Our guns were tiny in comparison to a lot of the super soakers that the majority of the island bought…

We spent the next couple hours walking around the streets targeting unsuspecting people, and drenching them best we could. About 80 percent of the time, they came back at us with their super soakers, but still an absolute blast. There were a couple travelers who didn’t know what was happening, and were furious when people dumped buckets of water on them, regardless of their baggage and iPhones in their hands.

Taking a break from the festivities, we enjoyed the beach one last time before leaving the island. Loh Dalum Beach on the north side of the island is very unique. The water feels almost warmer than the air since it sits it bay, almost stagnant (ew). You can also walk out from the beach about 200 + meters and the water is still barely waist deep.

Hitting up the village again, we walked smack into the New Year parade. We were dancing and singing with a bunch of Thai ladies through the parade, who were having the time of their life. Sadly, the water fight ended after the parade, which we didn’t know and ran around at dinner time spraying people… We were the only ones with water guns at this time…

While Songkran is celebrated in Thailand for about 3 days, we only participated on the main day. Were currently back in Phuket, situated in a northern city called Nai Yang. It’s a quiet, peaceful beach village that we feel we’re already locals in.

More to come on Nai Yang later!