Swimming With Sharks

You have to take advantage of the clear, blue water here in Phi Phi, but didn’t want to drop a lot of money booking a snorkel trip. We heard a lot about Shark Point right off the tip of Long Beach, and rented some cheap snorkel gear and ventured out on our own. Shark Point is essentially a large, raised rock about 200 meters off the coastline. Swimming out to the point was a tad sketchy, since you have to avoid being run over in the water by all the boats and their crazy drivers, but the swim out was filled with fish and the largest sea urchins you’ve ever seen.

Not going to lie, I was pretty scared of the idea of swimming with sharks. Historically, people have swam with upward of 15 sharks at one time… A bit terrifying. I guess they are skittish and not dangerous to humans, unless they mistake you for their food… Then you’re in a pickle. The two types of sharks you will encounter on this point are Leopard Sharks and Black Fin Sharks. We swam with two different Black Fin Sharks, both about 15 feet long (JK—probably around 4 feet).

It wasn’t as scary as I thought, they’re very majestic. The snorkeling was awesome too, so all in all, very successful trip.

Traveling on a budget, we decided to save the 200 Baht that it cost us to boat to Long Beach and hike home to town. I can honestly say I’ve never sweat so much in my entire life. I swear this is the hottest place on the planet. The hike took us about 45 minutes, and once we got back to town, slugged a couple gatorades.

As for our hotel… Things weren’t so peachy. We thought that staying in a bungalow in the trees would be cool and adventurous. Nope. Our room didn’t have AC (remember I said this is the hottest place on planet Earth?) and had slits in the sides of the windows and doors a couple inches wide. Meaning, little gecko, mosquito, and all other creepy critters were sleeping with us. It wasn’t worth the money saved. We ate the money and found a new hotel—Viva Dorm Room—that is absolutely wonderful. Clean, icy AC, the water works, no creepy crawlers, everything you could want.

Later that night, happy we didn’t have to wake up with Malaria, we went out for a couple Changs (Heineken’s Thai brother). We stumbled upon a bar that circulates around a boxing ring in the center. They actually choose people from the crowd to fight each other, and the crowd can bet, etc. It’s wild. All in good spirits, but it’s wild. I highly recommend checking the Reggae Bar out if you’re in Phi Phi.

Our last day on Phi Phi is the New Year, Songkran, where everyone participates in the world’s biggest water gun fight. We have our water guns ready for tomorrow…

Stay tuned!