Off to Bangkok!

Since I don’t have WiFi at my hotel in Bangkok, the recount of our travel to Thailand is a bit delayed. I’m writing here from a coffee shop in Suvarnabhumi! It is pretty difficult to find free WiFi anywhere.AD1FE536-F1CA-4727-81CF-4ABEC6162C4B.jpeg

Looking back, I can honestly say this was the easiest travel I’ve ever had. I’ve had more difficult flights from San Francisco to Denver… Anyway, our flight from LAX was scheduled to leave at 12:05am on EVA Air—highly recommend to anyone looking for decent leg room, a TV, food, and CHEAP. The flight was about 30 minutes delayed, but once we boarded, we both passed out for about 9 hours and woke up to food being served (they left a sticker saying they didn’t want to disturb our rest during the first round of food) and only 4 hours left until our layover in Taipei, Taiwan. We chowed down, and fell right back asleep.

The total flight was an easy 13.5 hours.

A bit in a haze, we ate in Taiwan and boarded our next 4.5 hour flight to Bangkok! I watched two movies and we landed. I honestly felt like we transported here, everything went so smoothly.

Our hotel, the Cottage at Suvarnabhumi, is only a short 7 minute taxi drive from the airport. We hit the pool for a quick dip, and checked out the local ‘mall’ full of street shops, but all we wanted was food and a massage. We were sweaty hot messes and ended up getting three fruit and coconut ice smoothies to cool down. Each is about 35 Baht, so about a dollar.

Funny story about the massages though…

We get to the massage parlor, and asked for a Thai massage. Thought it was your regular relaxing massage where you essentially pass out in dreamland and are uber relaxed? Well, we were wrong. They showed us to our tent-esque rooms where the beds were on the floor with loose-fitting clothes, and we wanted the full experience, so went full nude and put the blankets over ourselves waiting for the massage. The lady walks in and gives the most embarrassing giggle you’ve ever heard, and calls for her manager.

Turns out, you need clothes for a Thai massage… I still need to look up what a Thai massage entails.

Anyway, it all worked out and it the most wonderful massage ever, especially after sitting for about 19 hours on a plane. Not sure if I fell asleep during it or not.

Afterward, we went to dinner at a hole in the wall place in an alley near our hotel. Backing up a tad, we had initially passed this place and told the woman we’d be back. When we got there for dinner post massage, she had set up a little table with a fan and menus out for us, waiting! First pad Thai of the tip was amazing to say the least.

So tired, we stumbled the 100 yards back to out hotel and fell asleep at 6:30pm.

I’d say it was a successful first day! Some friends got to our hotel at 5:00am today, and we’re all heading down to Phuket for a couple wild days.