Denver to LA

We’ve had a busy couple weeks. We spent a little under a week in Sun Valley decompressing through skiing, biking, and enjoying relaxing. Our time back in Denver was spent packing and deciding what to do with the items we had collected over the years, like those t-shirts you won from freshman year soccer.

Our drive to LA began last Monday, where we drove to Crested Butte, CO to get some shredding in. Breathtaking is about all I can say about the Butte. Mountains surrounded by mountains,and some outrageous skiing.

Our next journey was to LA. This particular leg of the trip was cut short by a blown tire. No joke, about as blown as you a imagine. Thankfully, we were okay,minus the hiccup of waiting for AAA and fixing the tire in the morning before hopping back on the road. Long story short, we drove and hour and a half to middle of nowhere Arizona, stayed in a rather ‘roach motel’ and attempted to fix our tires in the morning.

Our original plan was to go to the Grand Canyon, but due to limit time, we drove
to Laughlin, NV and hit the tables for a little gambling. I wasn’t too bad! But, it was a $5 buy in…

Finally, we made it to LA!! We’re now prepping for our departure to the first stop on our travels, Bangkok. We have a couple days to pack and unpack, then the journey begins!!

Sid note, we’re actually in Thailand now, but lack of WiFi = delayed posting. More to come!