What to Pack?!

As the trip nears (one month from today!) I’m starting to separate my things into three piles: storage, Goodwill and what I’m bringing to Thailand. So far, packing is the most difficult part of trip preparation.

Do I buy new clothes? Do I need books? No clue.

Already realizing my backpack is relatively small, I’ve learned the trick is in under-packing. There is no doubt I’m going to buy clothes, goodies etc. once I’m there… but here’s what I have thus far.

1 dress
2 t-shirts
1 tank
1 pair of jeans shorts
1 pair of flow-y shorts
1 romper
3 swim suits
2 pairs of running clothes
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of running shoes
1 pair of heel sandals
1 rain jacket

Brixton hat

And, that’s all I have! Any thoughts and/or advice on what you brought is welcome!